A New Vision For You

About Us

If you feel your life is out of control, then A New Vision For You II is here to get you back on the right track. We are a Counseling and Assessment center that is dedicated to helping our patients live a life they love.

Addiction is a real disorder that affects countless people from all walks of life. Many people try and fail to overcome on their own, A New Vision For You may be exactly what they need. It’s not easy to simply get rid of an addiction unless you are given the right tools. Our highly experienced staff is here to lend a caring hand.

Here at A New Vision For You II, we are dedicated to helping people succeed in recovery. We are designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our counselors are friendly people to talk to and will be available during every step of your treatment, ensuring you find your own path to success. We are here to serve.

Our facility is located in Lancaster, CA., we also serve Palmdale, Acton, Rosamond, and all the surrounding areas.

We are a non-profit 501 C3 organization.